Vallarta Real Estate Fair Testimonial

Vallarta Real Estate Fair Testimonial

Richard Best and his wife Barbara are part-time residents of Puerto Vallarta and the owners of a lovely condo in Copa de Oro.   Richard was searching for a way to learn about the Real Estate market in Puerto Vallarta a couple of years ago.  He saw an ad about the VALLARTA REAL ESTATE FAIR.

He says that he attended the event, notebook in hand, and met a variety of local experts who serve the real estate market: attorneys, accountants, notaries, developers, interior decorators, furniture resources, remodelers, and much more.

Richard says that the talks given by various experts about the PV real estate market were highly informative.  They provided market details and facts he was looking for (supply, demand, tax changes, trends).    He says that event brought the market into focus in a manner that helped him move ahead with his investment plans for PV.

 Richard says it was “time well spent”.

This year marks the fifth year of the VALLARTA REAL ESTATE FAIR.  Please join us again this year to learn about the state of the market and get all the pertinent information from the best sources.  We will see you at Plaza Rivera Molino March 4 from 9AM until 2PM.  Admission to the Fair and all the Speakers Symposium is FREE.


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